Self awareness

Self awareness is such a mode which brings a change within us in which we know what we are doing in our life or how we are nature wise or through self-awareness we get growth related to job, our development happens or this is how we Whether we are born in leadership or we are able to manage our emotions.

By consciously practicing self awareness, you will understand what your values, passions, and goals are. How can we fit into our current environment or how can we fit into our emotions, or how can we improve at everything? You will understand how other people view you, creating stronger or more powerful or that we will grow in this way in our relationships. Self -awareness will be helping you to become happy and more or more productive.


Self-awareness , when you focus on yourself, your environment, compare your standards, how you think, feel, or behave with your values ​​or beliefs.


Whether we feel or are satisfied depends on our behavior, with whom we match the vibe in the same way, we are dissatisfied too, we bring changes within ourselves, we change our behavior a lot or we feel pride or dissatisfaction. self-awareness depends on how well your behavior matches your standards of purity. If you are dissatisfied, you can change your behavior to better align with your standards. For instance, you might note feelings of dissatisfaction in your current role, and recognize you value creativity but don’t have the opportunity to exercise that passion.That dissatisfaction may lead you to other creative outlets, changing your behavior to conform to your standards.


(i)Internal self-awareness is something that lets us see how clearly we understand our values, passions, and aspirations, and what standards our environment has (which include thoughts, feelings,behavior, strengths, and weaknesses).

(ii)External self-awareness External self-awareness, on the other hand, is the ability to clearly see how other people see you. People who know how others see them are generally more empathetic .Leaders who can see how their employees view them are usually more effective, and have stronger relationships with their employees.



1.Improve skills by identifying what you do well and what you need to improve.
2.Increase your level of happiness by aligning your ideals with your actions.
3.Become a better leader by understanding how employees perceive your behavior. 4.Strength work is a personal realtionships by managed emotions. 5.Raise happiness levels by aligning your ideals with your actions.
6.Decrease stress by identifying emotions and lessenging tasks you don’t enjoy.



Then we have to discover what we are aware of or how much we want to be better.There are many ways to improve yourself and cultivate self awareness but the most important ones are only four. When you try to understand behavior you often do not include the physical process into the equation for example you may have fired your employee because of your blood or sleep. You are a health leader. self-awareness being a very good person and doing well .

1.Ask “What?” instead of “Why?” self-awareness look at their current situation ,emotions or environment and they always ask why am I sad?cFor example my boss has given me this feedback that my project has gone as per my expectation. Why am I so unhappy and why does all this ask questions? Yes, what is being asked is revealed by the fact that you know the conscious

thoughts, feelings, or intentions of the person. You know what the probability is that he does something. Does or thinks, for example, that You are angry with a boss in a certain way or the reason may be that you are not tired of your job or you are worried about insecurity. It is difficult for you to evaluate your courage or weakness or to draw conclusions. why here?

Why is Self-Awareness Important.


Why are we talking here? Self-awareness effectively reveals our unconscious thoughts, feelings, and motives. What we think we think about ourselves or why we are wrong is just why we react that way. This is what we do or we are thinking about some things and then we listen to our boss’s feedback or because we want to get fired from our job so we tolerate it or there are insecurities or it is hard to evaluate us unbiasedly.

We are made strong by that thing or we are able to correct our strength or weakness. Self-awareness about you to become affluent about the thing based on popularity, become as you are and being perfect without any thoughts and emotions is the process of the subject.

  1. Spend Time With Yourself

When the sound of TV is playing in front of you, you have gone to dinner with friends or to you, then it is not easy to sleep about yourself, your mind remains at one place,self-awareness is this way.
It is very important to give ourselves space or time, because it helps us avoid distractions.
3.Practice Mindfulness


Mindfulness is about being present with yourself or becoming aware of your thoughts in a non-judgmental way. What is the best way to become self aware because we have to focus, nonjudgmentally, on you?

Mindfulness forces you to focus on your purpose in the present moment. The next time you feel frustrated at work, use mindfulness to check in with yourself: What thoughts are running through your mind? How are you feeling? self-awareness being present enough to acknowledge your thoughts,

feelings, and emotions will help you become more familiar and better able to properly recognize them within yourself. mindfulness is about being more stable and becoming about excellence in their work.
They are the best thing on your mind and people become more knowledgeable and become brilliant in their work because they know about their skills and behavior on the other.

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